Process Like Its 2002…

Who says you can’t go home again? Went back to the word processor that started it all for me…WORD 2002. Been using a combination of both it and Open Office for years, but I hesitantly re-installed WORD again this afternoon, because I was having trouble working with some images on a new coloring page.

Open Office has a complete suite of productivity software (Open Office Writer, Open Office Calc, Open Office Impress among others)…but still can’t quite get the hang of just Writer. It takes a while to get used to the different language and layout of Open Office if you’ve been using Microsoft Office for awhile, but I would recommend Open Office to anyone looking for a great, free productivity suite.

I will say it does have a nice “convert to PDF” feature that I really like and will continue to use.

One of the cons for WORD 2002, is that Microsoft stopped supporting it many moon shapes ago…so, I’m stuck in 2002 again.


How To Format Your eBook For ePUB Conversion

English: Ebook Reader
English: Ebook Reader (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ebooks are the future for both authors and readers. The reading part is easy…but for the author to get the Ebook into the reader’s hand, is another story (pardon the pun). I’m new to publishing, and certainly new to Ebooks.
If you have the software and familiar with HTML, formatting, etc…you can turn any of your WORD documents into Ebooks. I have the software…but I’m yet to turn out a readable Ebook. Hope these tips will help you and me both.