Survival Japanese: Expressing Your Feeling or Opinion

Japanese is a challenging language to learn, but that shouldn’t stop you from expressing yourself! Here we’ll introduce some words and phrases you can use when you want to express your feeling (physical or otherwise), or opinion in Japanese, as well as how to ask others.

11 Bad Teaching Habits That Are Stifling Your Growth

Do you practice any of these habits? What are some that you could add? Some are tricky for some teachers. Getting to know my students can be hard, due to the nature of my job…but I’m doing my best with almost 500 kids. I never choose favorites, and NEVER praise one, without praising all. Some, just a few, go to other english schools and speak up during my lessons. I know from past experience, this can cause fellow students to eventually wait for that person to answer up first…which is a sign of lack of confidence in themselves. I will say one thing…you can certainly grow as a teacher, as long as your class grows with you.


English: Teaching and Learning
English: Teaching and Learning (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What It Means to Be a Great Teacher 

Teaching for almost fifteen years, my idea of a great teacher is someone who never gives up, makes lessons fun, connects with their students and never leaves a child behind. What are your thoughts?


English: Teaching Walloon at Ochamps (the bene...

Is Teaching Chivalry To Our Sons At Odds With Feminism?

Chivalry came way before feminism…so shouldn’t the question be reversed? I think they can work together. They have to. To take it even further, do you think chivalry should be a right or privilege?

Source: Is Teaching Chivalry To Our Sons At Odds With Feminism?