Alex’ Kabuto for Children’s Day 2017


Osechi 2017 (Traditional New Year’s Japanese Foods)

A new year has begun, and we get to enjoy osetchi again this year! The traditional osechi is very elaborate, and can be very expensive…depending on how it is prepared. We always just put together our favorite items, and we enjoy it. Here are some photos from this years osetchi, but click the link below to find out more!

osechi-2017-1 osechi-2017-2 osechi-2017-3 osechi-2017-4

Source: Osechi – Wikipedia

Is Teaching Chivalry To Our Sons At Odds With Feminism?

Chivalry came way before feminism…so shouldn’t the question be reversed? I think they can work together. They have to. To take it even further, do you think chivalry should be a right or privilege?

Source: Is Teaching Chivalry To Our Sons At Odds With Feminism?